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Condominium Charging Station

Get an Electric Vehicle Charging Station For Your Condo: Resident & Condo Management Solutions

Condo Charging Station For Your Residents

Installing an electric vehicle (EV) condominium charging station for your residents carries various benefits.

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With the increase in electric vehicle sales in Ontario, the demand to get suitable fast charging stations will begin to increase with your residents. Moreover, new residents that are looking at condominiums to move into and own an electric vehicle will list having a charging station available as feature when choosing their next residence.

In the event a condo wants to install charging stations at their own cost, approval from residents is not required as long as the condo notifies residents and the total cost does not exceed 10% of the annual condo budget.

Benefits of EV Charging for your Residents

Establish your condominium as a green leader

Support Ontario’s Climate Change Strategy

Increase resident retention and attract new residents

Contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Electric vehicle sales are up 56% year-over-year

Personal Condo Charging Station

The condominium act will see upcoming changes as of May 31, 2018 which will provide an easier process for condo corporations and its residents to install electric vehicle chargers and stations.

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Here is the process involved in getting an electric vehicle charging station installed in a condominium:

Access must be granted to residents of a condominium on the electrical information needed to evaluate whether a charging station installation is possible.

Residents must apply to the condominium board with drawings and a plan to show how the installation process will be reasonable and safe.

The condominium board must reply to the applicant within 60 days on an approval or rejection. In the case the condo board rejects the plan, they must supply a report from a qualified professional to illustrate that the proposal would pose a health threat or safety risk to the property or other residents.

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