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Leviton Evr-Green Mini

Smallest wall-mounted Level 2 EV charging station

The Evr-Green® Mini delivers nearly 5 kilowatts of charge and the enclosure has been tested to NEMA Type 6 standards allowing the enclosure to be temporarily submerged. Additionally, the Mini has built in over temperature protection and ground monitoring circuitry – an important safety feature. Also, we provide 12’ and 18′ electric vehicle cable options to provide flexibility in the mounting location.

$499 CAD 12′ cord

$589 CAD 18′ cord

Compact design, the enclosure weighs about 2 lbs. and can easily fit in the palm of your hand (excludes cord)

2-year limited warranty

Included mounting bracket provides convenient docking location

Provides thermal, over and under current, over-voltage and short circuit protection

“Auto-Reclosure” feature enables charging to restart following a minor power faults

Continuously monitors/supervises the ground connection between the AC Supply and EV to ensure safe and reliable charging

Weight: 7.25 lb. / 3.29 kg

Width: 3.15 in. / 80 mm

Height: 20.86 in. / 529.84 mm

Depth: 1.77 in. / 45 mm

Cable length: 12 ft. or 18 ft. / 365.76 cm or 548.64

30A, 208-240VAC, 4.8kW Output

Enclosure is rated NEMA Type 6 for temporary submersion

Operating Temperature:  -40°C to +50°C (-40 °F to +122 °F)

4.8kW (20A@240V)

Voltage from 208VAC – 240VAC

SAE J1772TM charging connector

install with a licensed electrician

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This charger is eligible for up-to $1000 in rebates to Ontario residents

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Leviton Evr-Green Mini

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