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5 Energy Efficient Upgrades that You Can Do in Your Home

Are you a homeowner searching for energy-efficient upgrades you can do in your home? Do you want to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home? Read this article further; we present to you 5 energy-efficient upgrades that you can do in your home.

5 Energy Efficient Upgrades that You Can Do in Your Home

1. Replace High-Energy Appliances

An energy-efficient upgrade you can do in your home is to change all high-energy appliances in your home to more efficient and improved versions. If your home is over 10 years, you should consider upgrading your boiler, air conditioner, and furnace with new, more efficient models. Electric home appliances that are over 10 years cannot be as energy-efficient as those on the market now.

2. Install Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Wise homeowners consider installing energy-efficient windows and doors as a way to make their homes more energy-efficient. Windows and doors that have a low rating, or have a damaged seal, rotten frame, cracks in the glass undoubtedly make the house less energy-efficient due to unavoidable heat loss and draft that will be the hallmark of such windows and doors.

Modern windows and doors are energy efficient and are best for upgrading the energy efficiency of your home.   

3. Add Extra Insulation in the Attic

Another energy-efficient upgrade that you can do in your home in addition to installing energy-efficient windows and doors is to enhance the insulation in the attic of your home. The attic has been found to be one of the sources of heat loss, which would task the HVAC to work harder. Give your attic an extra layer of insulators, and this will help you to save money, and you will recoup the costs of installation within 4 years.

4. Boost Air Conditioning with Ceiling Fans

Install ceiling fans in your home to boost the performance of your air conditioning. Ceiling fans will help to create and circulate a gentle, cool breeze around your home. It is cheaper to run ceiling fans. With this, your air conditioner does not have to run all the time; you can switch on your ceiling fans for sone time.

5. Upgrade Lighting

Improve the lighting in your home to enhance the energy efficiency of your home. Upgrade your bulbs to CFL bulbs or LED. Installing new lighting fixtures can also reduce the cost of lighting. In addition to upgrading your lighting, you can also upgrade to larger windows to let more natural light into the home.

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