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How to Boost Your Electric Car Range

Electric cars are gradually taking over the automobile market and have won the favor of a good percentage of car owners. However, knowing how to boost your electric car’s charging will allow you to get the best from your electric vehicle. Nothing just as worrisome as having to keep an eye on the road and another on the vehicle’s state-of-charge as you are driving because you do not want to get stranded at the roadside with a depleted battery.

How to Boost Your Electric Car Range

Here are some tips on how to boost your electric car’s battery life:

1. Drive Smoothly with Eco-mode

To get more miles from your electric car even with condominium charging station in your home, learn to drive smoothly or use the eco-mode that unit the rate or level of acceleration of the vehicle and increase its overall efficiency. The instant torque of your electric car could tempt you to feel the power and speed of the car; however, it will drain your car’s battery faster than you can imagine.

2. Empty Your Trunk

You will boost your electric car range by traveling light. Remove stuff you do not need from your trunk to reduce the weight of your vehicle. This will impact the state-of-charge of your car’s battery significantly. Carrying extra pounds of a load will increase energy consumption by up to two percent.

3. Keep Your Tires Pumped Always

If your electric car tires are not properly inflated, it will increase energy consumption and may result in premature tread wear. Keep your tires pumped according to their recommended PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). Check manufacturer’s recommendation on the driver’s side door frame. Properly inflated tires will have reduced resistance and allow you to go a bit farther.

4. Take a More-Efficient Route

When you have alternative routes to your destination, choose the most efficient one to boost your electric car range. Avoid routes with heavy traffic and steep grades. Take the route that allows you to drive at a steady pace and lower speeds. Avoid mountainous or hilly areas if you can.

5. Condominium Charging Station

It is essential to use the available condominium charging station to boost your electric car’s battery charge when you are away from home. However, you should ensure to time the charging process because most batteries will self-discharge slowly when they have finished charging.

6. Wind up the Windows

Driving with your windows down will cause aerodynamic drag and increase energy consumption. As a result, wind up the windows when driving at fast speeds.

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