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Do Electric Cars Need Less Maintenance?

As environmental awareness and technology keep improving, the number of sold electrical vehicles or so-called EVs has drastically risen. The benefits which these cars offer are amazing, including less gas emission, fewer spending for running power and of course low maintenance.

Do Electric Cars Need Less Maintenance?

There has been a lot of talks out there how EV’s require much less maintenance than regular gas-fueled cars. The unsubstantiated disagreement from a few drivers and “experts” doesn’t make this less true. Low maintenance of EV is not a myth, but a fact which should always influence the decisions of new car buyers.

The Truth About Maintenance

“The bottom line on electric cars: they are cheaper to own” – a catchy headline of an informative article in Forbes magazine states, in a perfect way states the main benefit of EVs. What a lot of gas companies don’t want buyers to know is that even though the price for purchasing an EV is twice as much as the price for a regular gas-fueled car, the actual ownership of an EV is 5 times cheaper. Setting aside (for now) the expensive pricing of gas-fuels, we are going to solely focus on the truth behind maintenance. So let this short answer to your question break certain myths and reveal the truth about EV: yes, electric cars need less maintenance.

Regular Vs Electrical

Owning a car is great, but when we imagine how oil, filters, gaskets, breaks, and plugs need to be regularly changed, one can easily decide to invest in a bike instead. However, the modern version of cars is electric and one of its biggest advantages is less active parts for functioning and therefore less maintenance. Unlike a regular gas-fueled car, EVs have only 3 main parts: electrical motor, onboard charger, and inverter.

Furthermore, when you get a closer look at these 3 parts, you won’t find hundreds of confusingly placed smaller parts inside. Instead, you will find simplicity and neatness, with only a few additional mechanisms with minimum chances for needed repair. This is why EV maintenance costs approximately one-third of the cost of maintaining a regular car. Nonetheless, people who dislike EVs still found a way to make it look less than what it is.

Battery Life

The strongest argument for EV dislikers is battery life. Because EVs run on batteries, we tend to stereotype and look at them as remote controllers or phones. Yes, as time goes by the battery of an EV has a harder time charging up. But typically happen after driving more than 100 000 miles. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that the battery will stop functioning after this mileage. In fact, the only downside is that the owner will have to charge it more frequently. And since charging stations, especially electrical condominium ones is continuously rising, frequent charging won’t pose such as a problem. Another advantage of EV’s is that the batteries come with warranties, some which last even more than 10 years.

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