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5 Tips for Traveling with an Electric Car

Looking to go on your first road trip in an electric vehicle? Traveling long distances with an electric vehicle can be challenging, but it can be a very, very awesome experience. 

Here are 5 tips for traveling with an electric vehicle:

1. Plan your route 

You have to plan your trip when traveling with an electric vehicle. So you need to make sure you plan your route around charging stations You can use apps such as EV Connect or websites such as Alternative Fuels Data Center to help you. 

2. Maximize your drive time

You can optimize your electric vehicle’s range with smart driver behavior. Here are some ways that may help you improve the fuel economy of your electric vehicle: use the economy mode, avoid hard braking, keep the battery charged, and use accessories wisely. 

5 Tips for Traveling with an Electric Vehicle

3. Be mindful of mileage

You need to be mindful of mileage when on a road trip, which means always being aware of your range status. You need to be careful when planning a route through a remote area. So don’t push your luck because an electric vehicle isn’t like a typical car. 

4. Plan for multiple stops

It’s very easy to get impatient especially when you’re tired or against time. You should plan for multiple stops for longer trips in an electric vehicle. Traveling in an electric vehicle takes time, especially when you add in your charging station stops. However, you’ll have more time to soak in new places.

5. Use high occupancy vehicle lanes 

Traveling in the US? Did you know some states allow electric vehicles to use high occupancy vehicle lanes regardless of how many people are in the car? This can save you a lot of time when your traveling. You can use the Alternative Fuels Data Center website to see which states have high occupancy vehicle lane exemptions for electric vehicles. 

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