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3 Ways to Charge Your Electric Vehicle

However exciting an electric car might be, people forget that it needs charging almost as frequently as regular cars need gas, depending on how it is driven. Some gas stations will have one or two electric vehicle chargers, but there are more convenient ways to go about it.

Here are 3 ways to charge your electric vehicle:

1. Tesla’s Supercharger Station

The most popular charging stations are Tesla’s Supercharger stations, which have both paid and unpaid versions depending on the car you drive. These supercharger stations are all over North America, and there are many other networks starting to be built, however, one doesn’t need to visit one of these stations to charge their electric car.

2. Home Charging Station

More convenient is having a charger in your own home, and being able to plug in and charge at any time.  Homeowners can choose from a variety of chargers to be installed depending on the electric car they drive, how many electric cars are being charged, and the speed at which they want to charge.

3 Ways to Charge your Electric Vehicle

3. Condominium Charging Station

While for homeowners it is easier to purchase and install chargers at home, people living in condominiums have more of a process to go through if their condo doesn’t already have electric charging stations in the garage. 

For condo owners, if the building does not already have charging stations, there have been new rules implemented starting as of May 31st, 2018. Click here to read the full guide on how to start the process with condo corporations to install EV chargers and stations.

Do you have an electric car? Are you interested in buying a condominium? If so, you should look into new pre-construction condos for sale in North York that offer electric vehicle charging stations in the garage.

Obviously the faster and more powerful chargers will be more expensive, however, installation is similar in most cases. To get the best charger for your needs the first thing to check is the optimal power output to charge your specific vehicle.

Contact your manufacturer for this information if you don’t already know. The second thing to consider is budget, both of the initial cost of the charger and installation, and also how much electricity you’ll be using and how that will affect your bills.

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