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Electric Car Maintenance

A lot of the things that made you go to the mechanic with a traditional car don’t exist in electric vehicles. You’ll never need to change your oil or replace spark plugs and there is no need for an emissions test. These are all regular occurrences with your average internal combustion engine car, and are a thing of the past for EV owners.

There is some universal car maintenance, such as changing the wipers, getting new/winter tires, and changing cabin filters. While these will remain a  constant, and some maintenance will disappear entirely, the biggest difference will come from replacing your car battery.  

Electric Car Maintenance

Regenerative Braking

Most electric cars have a new braking process called regenerative braking. This tech allows cars to capture the energy when slowing down and convert it to charging the battery. This feature is also the main reason electric cars slow down much faster than regular cars, because as soon as the “gas” pedal, or accelerator pedal in this case, is not being pressed, the electric motor immediately starts to slow down.

This also translates to pressing the brakes less, which in turn means brake pads are being used less and therefore have a longer life before replacement. Brake pads are a fairly common part to replace, with most manufacturers recommending a brake pad change between 40k and 80k kilometres. Regenerative braking gets rid of this cost almost completely, while you should still be getting checkups on your car, no matter what is powering it.


The battery will be the biggest maintenance cost that any electric car owner will have to deal with, if it ever comes down to it. Manufacturers like BMW and Chevrolet offer 8 years of warranty or a certain amount of kilometres travelled for batteries, making it easy to get a replacement if required. If however, the warranty period has passed or for some reason there was no warranty, an average lithium ion battery for a car can cost up to $5000, so it is not a cost to play around with.

With almost every manufacturer offering warranty, unless it is somehow voided, the battery shouldn’t be something worrisome for some time. So what are the maintenance costs? Well, anything that’s universal for any vehicle as mentioned before, such as wipers, tires, and cabin air filters. Overall, much less headache and dollars for electric car owners!

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